Eli Zegers

Eli Zegers

To be aware of the limitation of the flat surface creates a frame, a frame of reference a frame to confine the borders of the object and its image. It creates a playground for these frames of references.

A painting often confronts us with a different world or a different version of ours, an illusion, something we chose to believe in. The difference between a painting as an object and a painting as an illusion I find intriguing.

Where the act of painting is just as important as the object that carries this act and its image. For example choosing an archetypical object such as a Persian rug as bearer of a subjectively created image.

The painted surface is fading into the suggested world of its border, within the frame of a culture in which the direct depiction of a God is not allowed but is presented by its symmetrical, decorative border.

Or by carrying around a canvas in my daily life, I created the opportunity to let time appear on its surface and let the outside and physical world make its image, and hereby question the act of painting itself and declaring the canvas as an everyday object instead of a sterile one.

The painting sets up its own frame of reference which are all connected as statements in the tradition we call painting, and defines their context trough their material values and associations true illusion, matter and tradition.

In my work I try to dissect these aspects that make up this illusion and tradition, by presenting different objects within the confined borders of the definition of painting Which leads to a new definition or perception on the border of what we call a painting

The act defines the object - the object defines the act.


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curriculum vitae


Zegers, Eli Maarten Frederik
5 mei 1993


09-2011 - 08-2015
Bachelor Fine Arts Painting Aki/Artez, Enschede
2006 – 2011
Havo, Profiel CM + Biologie Koninklijke Scholen gemeenschap(KSG), Apeldoorn

Solo Exposities

4-11-2015 – 25-11-2015
Carte Blanche, Eli Zegers B93, Hoge Bothofstraat 166 Enschede

Duo Exposities

01-12-2016 – 19-12-2016
Paragone; Empathy and intersubjectivity. Circa..dit Arnhem. Colaboration with Roland Spitzer
20-06-2016 – 27-07-2016
Subject-Context-Object, A collaboration with Roland Spitzer, Grote Overstraat 63, Deventer
03-07-2016 – 05-08-2016
The form Explored, Duoshow with Annet Bakker Grote Overstraat 63, Deventer

Groeps Exposities

27-12-2016 – 30-12-2016
This art Fair (Bcademie), Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
27-12-2016 – 30-12-2016
This art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
04-11-2016 – 28-11-2016
Marl Kunstern, Bergstrasse 228, Marl, Germany
05-09-2016 - 07-09-2016
Art The Hague, Stand Gallerie Wit, Fokker Terminal, Den Haag
28-01-2016 – 28-02-2016
Light and Blue, Gallerie Het Bouwhuis, Grote Overstraat 63, Deventer
10-01-2016 - 07-02-2016
Start Up, Nieuw Dakota, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41, Amsterdam
29-08-2015 - 27-09-2015
Lichting 2015, onze keuze. Galerie Wit Hamelakkerlaan 38, Wageningen
30-07-2015 – 01-10-2015
Gen-ie. Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam
26-06-2015 – 30-08-2015
Aki Finals. Concordia Langestraat 56, Enschede
17-07-2015 - 24-07-2015
Final Finals, Twekkerlerweg 124, Twekkelo
15-05-2015 - 17-05-2015
Conglomeraat#2 Stichting Vierkwart Blekerstraat 165, Enschede
06-02-2015 - 08-02-2015
B-Side: Mittelhafen 42-44, Munster
26-09-2014 – 26-10-2014
AKI Goes Amsterdam. W139 Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam
10-12-2013 - 24-12-2013
“De eindeloze fase” Fase2 Achter’t hofje 23, Enschede


HK - Labfonds
Kunstenlab Deventer 2016-2017